About Us

Frontier Development is in its infancy, beginning in late 2016 as a small informal network of engineers, marketers, software developers, internet entrepreneurs, international education practitioners, and business people who all have overlapping and related interests in helping those who are very poor to improve their lives.

The current phase of the organization is focused on learning and networking to prepare for honing in on a niche in the future. We are heavily relying on two books by Paul Polak as a guide:


We do not have any funding, but support ourselves through various other jobs and independent ventures as we also work with Frontier Development.

We are always interested in connecting with others who have a vision and interest similar to ours. Please send us a note if you think this describes you.

There is a debate about “business solutions to poverty” as contrasted with helping the poor via “aid”. Frontier Development lands on the business side of this spectrum, and recommends the gripping documentary Poverty, Inc. for an introduction to the topic and a persuasive case for business rather than aid as being the most effective, sustainable, and frankly only way to create prosperity for the billions of people currently living in material poverty. The documentary is available on Amazon and Netflix and gives a good picture of Frontier Development’s general aim.